Michelin, headquartered in France, is one of the world’s most well-known brands and is on the 2018 Fortune 500 list.

Michelin’s mission is to enhance mobility by putting into practice its core values of respect for customers, respect for people, respect for shareholders, respect for the environment and respect for facts.

Michelin holds forefront positions in every tyre market* as well as in travel-related services. By leveraging its technological leadership, capacity for innovation, high-quality products and services, and powerful brands, Michelin is able to pursue a global expansion strategy and improve efficiency in every aspect of its business.

Some key facts about Michelin:

  • 109,193 employees (102,692 full-time equivalent)
  • More than 150 million tyres and 10 million maps and guides produced in 2009
  • Net Sales: 14.8 billion Euro
  • Passenger Car & Light Truck market: 80% of tyres sold in the replacement market
  • Heavy Truck market: 80% of tyres sold in the replacement market (for radial tyres)
  • 72 production facilities in 19 countries
  • Marketing operations in more than 170 countries
*With a 16.3% share of the global market by value. Source: Tire Business, September 2009.

Michelin and Tyreline: a long-term partnership

Tyreline first partnered with Michelin in 1998 when it became the New Zealand distributor for Michelin earthmover and industrial tyres. In 2007, Tyreline became Michelin’s distributor for passenger car, truck and bus products in New Zealand. In 2011, the Tyreline retread factory became the first factory in Oceania to receive accreditation to produce Michelin branded retreads.

In January 2018, Michelin purchased a 25% stake in Tyreline Distributors. Read more about the purchase here.

“Michelin are global leaders and innovators in their field. They invest more than NZ$1 billion every year into research and development. We also embrace innovations in technology and sustainability in the rapidly evolving automotive market.”
Grant Rushbrooke, Tyreline Managing Director

“We share the same values of respect of customers and innovation, and we will work together to explore new avenues of business and progress for the automotive market in New Zealand. Our investment is to reinforce our commitment to Tyreline and to the New Zealand market, promoting daily safer and better mobility for all the New Zealand consumers.

We have always been impressed with Tyreline’s professionalism and passion when representing the Michelin brand. The integrity of Tyreline’s business conduct is the foundation of our long-term business relationship.”
Hock Sen Chan, Michelin Asia Pacific Director



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