Kleber agriculture tyres have been supporting farmers since 1948, offering reliability, longevity and safety for your agricultural work.

Over the past century, Kleber has built a relationship of trust and loyalty with its customers. Their goal is to help consumers save time. They aim at easing your everyday life all year long.​

Kleber has a long heritage of agricultural innovation. In 1948, Kleber launched the first agricultural tyre. Back then, the Kleber agricultural range comprised 18 sizes. In 1951, Kleber launched the first tubeless tyre. With this development, Kleber revolutionised the world of agriculture by bringing out the first tyre with a built-in inner tube. The company was very much at the forefront of this technology compared with other manufacturers.

Kleber tyres are available in NZ in the following Radial Agriculture applications – Row Crop, Dual Tractor and Standard Tractor tyres.


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